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About Rev.Margaret Ferris


I am a full-time resident of Lily Dale NY and a life member of the Lily Dale Assembly.  I am a proud graduate of and an ordained minister with the Fellowships of the Spirit and a member of the Church of the Living Spirit. As a member of the Lily Dale Mediums' League, I assist in serving Spirit through the Light of Love.


I have had many different interests in my life. I obtained a Master of Arts degree from the University of Rochester, NY with a specialization in Music Education.

For many years, I have searched for a meaningful and deeper understanding of Spirit. As a child I had visions of Spirit and did not have language to explain what I was ‘seeing and feeling’. My study of mediumship has provided many answers to my questions including a clearer vision of the meaning of my life's journey following a near death experience.  As a Registered Medium, my intention is to bring to you messages from your loved ones and pets who are in Spirit.


                                       Are you ready for the journey to an open heart?



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