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As a Registered Medium, I am responsible for preparing myself.  It is best for you to be relaxed, open and honest. Working together in this way is the recipe for a successful and accurate reading.


Effective readings occur when the energy of Spirit, the God of your understanding, and your open receptive energy are present. 


 Set aside a few minutes before your reading to settle into yourself.

        Clarify why you are asking for this reading.  Take some deep breaths.  Close your eyes and focus on slowing your breathing.


If at all possible, do some preparations the night before.

         You can mentally send out an invitation to those in Spirit. If you wish to connect with a loved one who has passed, please let me know.  I cannot guarantee the connection.


On the rare occasion that a connection does not happen, I will tell you and end the reading and give you a refund.


   Readings over 10 minutes or fully-completed readings are not eligible for a refund.






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