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What to Expect in a Reading


No two Mediums or their readings are alike. Each Medium has their own style of working. Every Medium is a Psychic - not every Psychic is a Medium.


I will begin by telling you how I will conduct your session.  Then, I will connect with your loved ones in Spirit and provide a voice for them. There will be a brief time at the end to ask questions.  However, an answer may not be forthcoming – that is up to Spirit!


To help you identify your loved ones in Spirit, evidence will be provided such as physical characteristics, personality traits, their challenges and their connection to you.  This will provide proof of the continuity of life after death. 


It is my honor to support you in your growth. Our time will promote a sense of direction to give you life empowering skills, spiritual healing and balance. 


      My mentor and friend Shirley Calkins Smith expressed my thoughts best.


"It is my sincere privilege to be supportive, be of service and bring through messages that will inspire, uplift and open doors as well as share the love of Spirit.  As we are healed, we heal the world."

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